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Corporate Wellness

Wellness at work

Employee Rewards

Investing in your employees’ health and wellness is a smart choice. Employers stand to absorb a high cost of absenteeism, reduced productivity or a dip in employee satisfaction due to various reasons. Thus, it is in the employer’s favour to implement a Corporate Wellness Strategy.

By partnering with Cinnamon Spa, we can assist you in delivering wellness and relaxation services to compliment your Corporate Wellness Programme. You would be taking an informed, proactive approach to your employees’ well being while effectively protecting the bottom line. The benefits of the therapeutic treatments extend far beyond the perceived notion of pampering, however, we can promise your employees will still feel spoiled!

We offer a wide range of wholesale packages, which allow flexibility for the corporation and its employee.

  • Wholesale Gift certificates
  • Lifetime validity gift certificates
  • Bronze packages – a minimum purchase of 10 treatments
  • Silver packages – Employee Gift card for TZS120000
  • Gold package – Employee gift card for TZS220000
  • Platinum package – Employee gift card for TZS300000


We are adaptable in meeting your corporation’s unique needs.